Balance Transfer


A Home loan Balance transfer, is a loan when you already have a Home Loan running from a financial institution and you wish to move it to another lender to get an interest rate benefit. While doing a balance transfer you may also have the option of enhancing your loan amount with the new lender. This has become an extremely beneficial tool for the customers as RBI has now waived prepayment penalty on home loans, and hence moving from one lender to another is extremely easy in the current scenario. In addition, in a floating rate home loan one always gets the opportunity of lowering their monthly outflow by getting a Balance Transfer done as there might be some lender who is operating at a rate lower than your current lender.

We help you to transfer your expensive Home Loans to a new bank at no additional cost and No foreclosure Charges and also get 50% off on PF from the new Bank.

The Loan Pro Advantage

  • We do not charge you for our service
  • We hand hold you till the loan gets disbursed to your account
  • One point contact during the process
  • Move your loan to a new bank at lower rate of interest
  • No foreclosure or pre closure charges
  • Get 50% off on the Processing Fee from the new bank
  • Get additional Top up loan at the same Home Loan rates
  • Take over expensive Personal Loan and Car Loans or Credit card debt and do a Debt Consolidation
  • Process the new loan in under 10 days, we offer complete assistance on Documentation formalities right from Document pick up right till the disbursement
  • Choose from over 6 Banks
Document checklist for BT Debt Consolidation
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