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What is a Home Loan- Basic description for understanding?
Kinds of Home Loans Available- Home Purchase, Home Construction, BT Loans, LAP etc
Eligibility norms and calculator
Documentation required for customer- indicative
Step by Step Process for a home loan- stages of processing
Can I increase or decrease the amount of Home loan even after it has been sanctioned?
Is it necessary to get Home or property insurance while availing a Home loan?
Can I sell the house even when the Home loan is not paid off?
What is the difference between monthly reducing and yearly reducing balance for home loans?
Can I convert my home loan from fixed interest rate to floating interest rate and vice versa?
Who can avail a personal loan?
What is the age criterion for availing a personal loan?
Is any collateral required to avail a personal loan?
What is the maximum personal loan amount that can be availed?
What are the various tenure options available?
What is the processing time for a personal loan?
How will I receive the loan amount?
Can I make my loan repayment from any of my bank accounts?
When would my EMI get debited from my account each month?
Do banks provide an option for pre-close of a loan?
How to use Personal Loans for Margin funding?
Can I apply jointly with my spouse for a personal loan?
What is a Home loan Balance Transfer?
Who can opt for Home Loan Balance Transfer?
What is Top Up?
Why one should go for Balance Transfer?
What is the generic process of Balance Transfer?
What are the points to be considered before going for Balance Transfer?